About Mike Raybone

I am determined to make my mark by doing the right thing for the right reason every day.

It’s important to be the change you want in the world. I am determined to make a difference by empowering those around me to live the life they dream of and sharing my skills with others.

If you want to grow your business online, you should probably talk to a digital growth specialist. Especially now Covid-19 has changed everything in marketing forever.

The digital marketing industry is rife with people over-promising and underdelivering. You are virtually guaranteed to have had your fingers burned probably more than once by someone offering the latest greatest newest silver bullet to transform your business. That’s what I’m here to help you avoid.

Most are doing their best to earn a crust, delivering what they know – driving more visitors.

So why am I any different?

I am a business growth specialist.  I figure a key differentiator is both experience and also a laser focus on measuring your sales and linking it to your marketing. This act alone almost guarantees a return on your investment. 

After spending 35 years at the measurement end of marketing, I’ve forgotten more than I know (see my CV Below).

I love solving the increasingly complex puzzle that is digital marketing – delivering website traffic and conversion and each unique application to business. Your business perhaps?

About Mike - Business Growth Specialist

The analogy I like to use is Alan Turing’s approach to inventing the first computer and “cracking the enigma code” in The Imitation Game.

As I write, site speed, Artificial Intelligence, “Cookie Wars” and Google’s desire to deliver ads quickly on mobile (and meet their shareholders and stockmarket analysts expectations) is turning the entire digital marketing industry on its head.

I get passionately embroiled in the battle to ensure your digital marketing delivers leads and growth

Good digital marketing is now a serious competitive advantage. Applying digital marketing strategy using a wealth of business experience and some of the stunning digital marketing tools available on the Internet to make a real difference for AIM Internet’s SME clients is what I do.

Your business is important to you.
Choosing the right digital marketing team to work with is a key business decision. The credibility bit you need to consider is below:

My Experience

AIM Internet

Company: AIM Internet

Digital Marketing Specialist

Dates Employed: Apr 1996 – Present
Employment Duration: 25 yrs
Location: Birmingham

Focussed on my passion, Digital Marketing. One of the main social media influence sites, Kred, just ranked me in the top 5% of Social Media Influencers. Figured out how to delivered a return on gross margin using a variety of Branding, Digital Marketing and Social Media techniques. Currently delivering in spades for lots of clients especially in the manufacturing, engineering and financial services sectors in and around Birmingham. …and yes I have started doing it myself on various projects.

Currently investing in; Schoolweave Ltd, various eCommerce projects and Digital Experts Academy.

Founder AIM Internet, Digital Specialist and have been a 50% shareholder since 1996.

business growth specialist - company logos

Director of Marketing and Operations (Digital Marketing Specialist)

Dates Employed: 1996 – 2002
Employment Duration: 6 yrs


100% Shareholder. Delivered design & web based solutions in the SME sector. Worked with Hewlett-Packard and Xerox at European Board Level, Computacenter, Symantec, AT & T and IBM worldwide risk management team.

Did my MBA during this time – great companies to work with and apply models to.

Became one of the first ever Chartered Marketers (CIM) when it was launched.

Grew business to £x million profitable turnover. Sold.

business growth specialist - company logos
Mortgage Brain

Company: Mortgage Brain

Director of Marketing and Operations ( Digital Chartered Marketer)

Dates Employed: Mar 2002 – Jul 2012
Employment Duration: 10 years 5 months
Location: Croydon, United Kingdom

Digital Marketing Specialist who ran Operations, Marketing and Affinity Partnerships.

Built scheme revenue from £3k per month to much much more, Introduced advertising revenue model from zero to ‘a lot’​ and Built Affinity Programme from scratch to 6 figures with the likes of LV, HBOS, L&G, Paymentshield, Select and Protect, Berkeley Alexander, Uinsure, eConveyancer, Ifa Conveyancing, Conti, Fluent Money and many more… Also ‘Visionary’​ behind ‘the hub’ – 3rd Party incremental revenue model. All 4 schemes delivered at 100% contribution to profit given a Marketing and Operations role.

Delivered online mortgage application systems to mortgage intermediary channel on behalf of The Lloyds Group, RBS/Nat West, Santander, Virgin Money Nationwide and Woolwich/Barclays. Delivered 7 figure revenues at peak at 100% contribution.

Responsible for improving the data accuracy of 40% of all mortgage business placed in the UK and the introduction of the Product Guarantee – still unmatched across the mortgage industry. I almost did a PhD in data quality after my MBA at Aston and this stunning achievement despite the risk and downside to the business of guaranteeing mortgage data was the result.

Innovatively linked customer services to marketing 10 years ahead of most other organisations reaping the subsequent marketing and customer support rewards. Transformed the brand over 10 years through delivering at every customer touchpoint.

business growth specialist - company logos
Urban Science

Company: Urban Science

Head of Decision Support

Dates Employed: 1993 – 1996
Employment Duration: 3 yrs
Location: Ascot , Berkshire

Ran £2million Consultancy business of what is now a £100 million business.

Managed worldwide predictive modelling projects for GM Delivered Market analysis for Microsoft Consulted with American Express worldwide risk team and worked closely with London Business School to deliver neural network credit risk-based modelling systems.

Managed price optimisation project for Esso, BP Shell and Texaco with PHH.

Spent a lot of time in the USA and Europe. Been to most major cities in both. Airport taxi hotel and back – You’ll know how boring it gets if you’ve done it or indeed are doing it.

Completed successful 3 years earn-out.

Company: PAR plc

Director of Marketing and Operations

Dates Employed: 1988 – 1993
Employment Duration: 5 yrs
Location: Wimbledon

Direct Marketing Agency – My own Company at 26.

That was a vertical learning curve – with special thanks to Bob Townsend and ‘Further Up the Organisation’ That book Kept us solvent. One of the 5% of businesses that make it to their 5th year.

Clients included Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Apple, Compaq, AT&T, Kodak, NCR and Canon Successfully sold the business to Urban Science on a 3-year earn-out.

The Moorgate Group

Company: The Moorgate Group

Account Director

Dates Employed: 1986 – 1988
Employment Duration: 2 yrs
Location: Moorgate London

Account Director for Midland Bank, Aetna, Royal London, RSA , Chase Manhattan amongst others at a full service financial services agency from Design through PR, Advertising, Direct Marketing and Product Analysis.

Left to set up own similar Vertical Agency but in IT not Financial Services at 26…

Responsible for ‘Chase the Best Mortgage’ (For Chase Manhattan as they were then) Now that is an advertising slogan….

business growth specialist - company history logo
Royal Insurance

Company: Royal Insurance

Graduate Trainee

Dates Employed: Mar 1985 – Jul 1986
Employment Duration: 1 yr 5 months
Location: Liverpool and Croydon
Various departments. Left to pursue a career in Marketing after getting a Marketing Diploma (CIM at Croydon College). Got a Company Car and cheap mortgage too 4%, with the Leeds Permanent when interest rates were 14%. 3 x Income . Those were the days – proper lending

Jydsk Telefon – Denmark

Marketing Assistant – Traineeship

Dates Employed: Jun 1984 – Mar 1985
Employment Duration: 10 months
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Fixed term AIESEC traineeship post university. Worked in the marketing department and had a ball 🙂 The CEO used to ride around on a bike as the single storey building was so big. 200 Students from 33 different countries worked all week and partied all weekend. Trips to Legoland, Tuborg and Carlsberg Brewery. Kronberg Castle, Aarhus Old Town, Great beaches…… Will go back and live there one day
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