Think Different

Are you looking for a quick assessment of your digital marketing?

Digital services have been reshaping the way we work for some time.

And as it continues to develop, there are powerful new ways to manage, operate and optimise your digital presence. All of which begin with auditing your website and current online positioning.

For a long time now, data-driven tools have enabled greater understanding of user behaviour and preferences, helping businesses of all kinds to work with a deeper understanding. It has reshaped the way we do business.

Planning for business growth requires a multifaceted and thoughtful approach.

From our website audit, we provide comprehensive strategic advice on how your business can generate more money.

We help you gain value from the data your business generates, introducing powerful analytics and a brilliant user experience.

How Does the Audit Work?

With the use of qualitative and quantitative analysis, we talk about and examine your various channels in order to provide you with a set of strategic ideas for how your company may increase its revenue. This will be done through a variety of methods over a range of timeframes.

Either we can collaborate with you to develop the strategy, or we can give our suggestions for you to implement on your own.

We will score each facet of your digital marketing on its current performance, resulting in an overall score out of 100. From this we will derive strategic avenues on how to improve your business using effective digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Audit Checklist

Our auditors will use a customised audit checklist while conducting a thorough audit that complies with Google’s guidelines for SEO best practises.

The exhaustive checklist includes all essential components of an audit, such as broken links, meta data, site performance, keyword checkers, PPC, social media, profiles and more.

Both on-site optimisation findings and off-site recommendations are part of the audit.

Adding Value to Your Business

It is essential to the success of a business to have a fully optimised, functioning website. So much of a business’ life exists online and to an entrepreneur, a website is a lifeline.

If there are problems with a website, it resonates with website visitors and can leave a lasting negative impression of your website and your business.

If you don’t perform routine audits of your website, SEO, rivals, and online presence, there may be unidentified problems affecting your performance and lessening the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

If you want to identify issues with your website and improve your online presence through a detailed website audit, I can help.