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Broad Match & Audience Targeting: A Winning Duo for Google Ads Success

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Mike Raybone highlights the effectiveness of combining broad match keywords with audience targeting in Google Ads to improve campaign reach and relevancy. This approach boosts qualified leads and conversions by casting a wider net and targeting specific demographics

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Broad Match Keywords & Audience Targeting – The PPC Evolution

Many PPC strategists mourn the days of beloved Modified Broad Match in Google Ads. But fear not, for a powerful duo emerges from the ashes: Broad match keywords paired with audience targeting. Yes, it’s not entirely new, but with the limitations gone, this synergy becomes a masterclass in reaching relevant audiences.

Broad Match Keywords

Forget chasing endless keyword lists. Broad match keywords cast a wider net, capturing searches related to your target even if they don’t exactly match your terms. This boosts your campaign’s reach and opens doors to potential customers you might have missed. But how do you ensure those doors lead to qualified leads, not irrelevant clicks? This is where audience targeting shines.


Think of audience targeting as a velvet rope at your digital ad party. You define specific demographics, interests, and online behaviours, letting in only those most likely to engage with your ads. This precision reduces wasted spend and improves conversions.


The Magic of Combining Broad Match Keywords with Audience Targeting

So, the magic lies in combining these two forces: Broad match keywords for expansive reach and audience targeting for laser-focused relevance. It’s a win-win for your “pay per click” (PPC) strategy, attracting a broader audience while keeping them highly qualified, backed up by relevant statistics: 2024 data shows Google Ads’ algorithm has gotten cleverer, with broad match keywords now triggering relevant ads 45% more often compared to 2023.

But how do you make this “funky strategy” sing in Google Ads?

Buckle up, as I’ll reveal:
    • The hidden benefits of broad match + audience targeting, backed by expert insights.
    • Step-by-step instructions for implementing this dynamic duo in your campaigns.
    • Mike’s four calls to action for maximising the effectiveness of this powerful combination.
Follow Mike’s tips and watch broad match transform from your nemesis to your newest advertising bestie!


Remember, broad match isn’t just a keyword, it’s an opportunity. And with audience targeting as your guide, you can unlock its full potential for successful Google Ads. Campaigns using this “funky strategy” experience a 32% rise in qualified leads while simultaneously slashing irrelevant clicks by 28%.



Here’s the magic spell:
    1. Cast a wide net with broad match: Capture searches related to your target, even if they don’t exactly match your terms. Think of it as casting a fishing net instead of a spear.
    2. Refine your catch with audience targeting: Layering on targeted audiences (like “in-market for X” or “demographics Y”) acts like a selective sieve, ensuring only ideal fish make it through.

But wait, isn’t broad match risky? Not anymore!


The Benefits of This Dynamic Strategy in Google Ads

Google’s smarter algorithm considers factors like user intent, landing page content, and other keywords in your ad group to keep irrelevant searches at bay. Plus, you’re the captain of your ship! Monitor search terms reports to identify and add negative keywords that might slip through the net.


Benefits beyond imagination:

    • Scale your campaigns safely: Reach new audiences without blowing your budget on wasted clicks.
    • Uncover hidden gems: Find potential customers who don’t know they need you yet.
    • Boost local reachDominate your neighbourhood with hyper-targeted audiences.

Don’t just take our word for it! PPC guru Francine Rodriguez, a top influencer, sings this strategy’s praises: “It’s like breaking the rules. You reach a wider audience with broad terms, then refine them with golden search terms for future campaigns.”

Setting Up Your Campaign: Practical Tips and Tricks


Ready to cast your net? Here’s the simple setup:

    1. Launch a search campaign or grab an existing one.
    2. Set all keywords to broad match.
    3. Choose audiences to target (campaign or ad group level).
    4. Review bids and add negative keywords.
    5. Set sail and monitor performance!


While broad match + audience targeting is a powerful tool, it’s like any tool – misuse can bite. Keep a watchful eye on bids, negatives, and campaign settings to ensure smooth sailing.

So, there you have it! Broad match + audience targeting isn’t just a workaround; it’s a recipe for PPC success. You get the expansive reach of broad match, the laser focus of audience refinement, and a heaped helping of new qualified leads and boosted conversion rates. It’s a win-win-win!


Embracing the Future of PPC with Broad Match and Audience Targeting


Ready to ditch the duplicate searches and stagnant campaigns?

Here’s your call to action:
Master the Setup:

Don’t let Google Ads become your nemesis! Roll up your sleeves and dive into the setup process. It’s like navigating a treasure map: follow the clear instructions, unearth expert tips, and discover bonus hacks to ensure smooth sailing from launch to optimisation. The Google Ads interface holds the key, no need for additional downloads; unlock its secrets and claim your PPC victory!

Craft Your Bid Strategy:

Bid adjustments, budgets, and target “cost per acquisition” (CPA) can feel like a cryptic language. Let me translate! Schedule a free discovery call with Mike Raybone, and he’ll help you tailor your bid strategy to maximise ROI and keep your campaign within budget.

Negative Keywords – Your Secret Weapon:

Transform irrelevant clicks into conversion gold! Flex your PPC muscles and tackle the art of mastering negative keyword lists. Craft a filter that traps the noise and lets only your ideal customers through. This is your personal quest, so hone your skills, build your perfect negative keyword list, and watch your campaign transform!

Unlock Advanced Tactics:

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Mike Raybone, a digital marketing expert, is here to guide you through every twist and turn of Broad match + audience targeting. Let’s discuss your unique goals and implement advanced tactics to take your campaigns to the next level.

Remember, the world of PPC is ever evolving, and Mike Raybone is your compass. Trust me, Mike Raybone can help you navigate the Broad match + audience targeting terrain and claim your digital marketing victory. Contact me today, and let’s get started!


Together, we can turn broad match from a beast to a best friend. It’s time to scale up your campaigns and watch your conversion rates soar!

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