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Digital Marketing Masterclass: Part 1

This is curated content from the best of the best blogs around IMHO, indispersed with a few of my own.


My name is Mike Raybone, I am Managing Director of AIM Internet and a Business Consultant in Birmingham.

This is a series of videos to cover off some of the issues that small business owners face when looking to get involved in marketing or direct marketing in today’s world.


One of the key things is that you know your business.

You’re there, you’re a manufacturer, you’re an insurance broker, and you’re in your own business. Then you’re getting inundated all day from all sorts of people promising you ‘so we can do YouTube, SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC), analytics is important, your website is important. Try email. Have you heard about InfusionSoft?’

You’ll be harassed by people calling you, going into your websites and filling in forms. Everyone thinks they have some sort of silver bullet, because they’re trying to sell you THEIR solution.


The reality is that you understand your business better than anybody. It’s very important that whoever you use sits down with you, and works in partnership with you, to get a real understanding of the business and the nuisances of the business. They can then go through the whole myriad of services and tools available and apply them to your business on a fail very quickly basis. This can be done with as minimum budget as possible. As a result, making sure that both parties learn to the point where by that you know you are getting return on your gross margin.

So there is no silver bullet. However, there is a way where by working in partnership with the right organisation, you can actually get to where you want to be. This is making profit online using digital marketing.


Over the next few videos we are going to be looking at some of the key ideas and key methods which you can utilise to ensure that that gets delivered.


From an SEO perspective the keyword of this page is business consultant Birmingham. For those of you that use Yoast as an SEO plug-in you’ll know what I mean.


Check out the first video – Video 1.


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