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Get a Jumpstart with Google Analytics-4

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Summary. The article discusses the sunset of Universal Analytics and the importance for marketers to move over to Google Analytics 4. It explains the benefits of GA4’s cross-platform analytics, predictive analytics, user journey, and marketing activation, and highlights the differences between GA4’s and UA’s interfaces. The article also offers guidance on how to get started with GA4 and a roadmap for success, beginning with an audit assessment report. The information is based on a webinar conducted by iQuanti.

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About This Webinar

Ready or not, Universal Analytics is sunsetting next year. While there is still some time to prepare, marketers should start moving over to Google Analytics 4 now.

Because GA4 operates across platforms and is designed with privacy at its core, it can provide a better user experience for marketers. But there is a learning curve involved in understanding the stark differences between GA4’s and UA’s interfaces.

Join experts from iQuanti and learn more about:

  • How to get started
  • The comparison between GA4 and Universal Analytics
  • GA4’s distinct features (capabilities): Cross-Platform Analytics, Predictive Analytics, User Journey, and Marketing Activation
  • Why you should be migrating to GA4 now!
  • Your roadmap (starting with an Audit Assessment Report) for success


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