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Meta Announces Instagram Explore Home Ads Placement Via Marketing API

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Summary. Communicate with your existing customers and reach new ones. With Marketing API you can create, measure, and optimise ads on Instagram. This article by search engine journal explains the new announcement and how it will benefit your business.


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Meta formally announced the ‘Instagram Explore home’ Ads Placements via the Instagram Marketing API which allows marketers to run ads on the Instagram Explore home page.

Meta announced on October 4, 2022 that businesses could now place ads on the Instagram Explore home.

The October announcement explained:

“Businesses can now place ads in Explore home, the grid that people see when they first arrive on the Explore tab.”

Instagram also announced the introduction of the Explore home advertising:

“We’re introducing more places for people to discover brands and products in Explore and profile.

Explore home, the grid that people see when they first arrive on the Explore tab, will now feature ads to reach people in the earliest stages of discovering new content they care about.”

More information about the initial announcement  here.

New Instagram Marketing API Placement Option

On Friday November 11th Meta announced that ads can now be placed on the Explore home through the Instagram Marketing API.

The official announcement posted this past Friday stated:

“We now allow for ads in Instagram Explore home via the Instagram Marketing API.

This new ads placement will be available on all current Marketing API versions, and does not require an upgrade.”

As stated, there are no upgrades or changes needed and that the current APIs will work with the new INSTAGRAM_EXPLORE_HOME placement option.

The announcement advised:

“Using this new addition, you will be able to update your app to enable your clients to create and preview ads in Instagram Explore home via API.”

This new feature brings three new capabilities:

  • Ads creation
  • Ads insights
  • Ad preview

The new INSTAGRAM_EXPLORE_HOME placement option can now be used to create ads.

Ad performance data for the Explore home are available at the Placement level insights.

Advertising can be previewed.

Meta advised that the relevant developer documentation for using the new features will be rolling out soon.

Read the official Meta announcement about the new Explore home placement option available through the Marketing API endpoint..



Citation: If you would like to find out more about the source of this article – Instagram Marketing API, see here.


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