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Meta Re-invented the Wheel with Instagram’s Multiple Link Feature

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Mike Raybone helps you harness Instagram’s multi-link feature in this informative blog. Mike and his AIM Internet team are veterans at SEO and social media in the digital marketing sphere – there’s rarely something they don’t know! This blog explains the business benefit of using the multi-link feature and offers advice for how to maximise its returns. Enjoy the read.

Imagine this: a potential customer discovers your brand on Instagram, loves your aesthetic, and wants to learn more. But where do they go? Traditionally, you’d be stuck with a single link in your bio, forcing you to choose between showcasing your website, latest blog post, or irresistible product launch. Well, those days are over! Instagram’s multiple link feature has arrived, and it’s a game-changer for businesses looking to supercharge their social media strategy.

Break Free from the Single-Link

Let’s face it, cramming everything you want your audience to see into a single bio link felt restrictive. It was like being stuck on a crowded bus, unable to showcase the full range of your brand’s uniqueness. But fear not, fellow marketers! Additionally, with the multiple link feature, you can now add up to five external links directly to your Instagram bio, giving your audience a direct path to explore everything you offer.

Multiple Links, Multiple Benefits

Think of the possibilities! Moreover, this isn’t just about adding more links; it’s about creating a dynamic and informative bio that truly captures your brand identity. Here’s how the multiple link feature can benefit your business:

    • Boost Website Traffic: Direct followers to your website homepage, a specific product page, or a targeted landing page promoting a new campaign.
    • Showcase Your Expertise: Link to your blog and allow visitors to delve deeper into your industry knowledge and thought leadership.
    • Fuel Your Sales Funnel: Drive traffic to your online store or a special offer page, enticing viewers to convert into paying customers.
    • Amplify Your Social Presence: Connect your Instagram profile to your Facebook page, Twitter handle, or YouTube channel, fostering a multi-platform experience for your audience.
    • Humanise Your Brand: Link to customer testimonials or behind-the-scenes content, building trust and strengthening brand loyalty.
    • Simplify Promotions: Running a limited-time sale? Advertise it directly in your bio with a link to the specific product or category.

Using the Multiple Link Feature is a Breeze

The best part? Utilising the multiple link feature is as easy as posting a photo. Here’s a quick guide:

    1. Navigate to your Instagram profile and tap “Edit Profile”.
    2. Select “Links”.
    3. Click “Add Link” and enter the URL you want to showcase.
    4. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add up to four additional links.
    5. Don’t forget to rearrange the links using the drag-and-drop function to prioritize the ones you want your audience to see first.

Pro Tip: Craft clear and concise labels for each link that accurately reflect the destination. Therefore, this will make it easier for your followers to understand where each click will take them.

Unleashing Creativity with the Multiple Link Feature

The multiple link feature opens doors for creative expression. Gone are the days of generic “link in bio” directives. Now, you can craft a compelling bio that reflects your brand voice and entices viewers to explore your links. Here are some creative ideas:

    • Use emojis strategically: Emojis can add personality and visual interest to your bio, making it more eye-catching. For example, a link to your blog could be accompanied by a “📚” emoji, while a link to your online store could have a “🛒” emoji.
    • Write clear and concise CTAs (Calls to Action): Don’t leave your audience guessing! Moreover, tell them exactly what you want them to do, whether it’s “Visit our website,” “Shop our latest collection,” or “Read our blog.”
    • Highlight current promotions: Is there a special offer happening right now? Use your bio to showcase it with a clear call to action and a link to the relevant page.

Remember, the key is to experiment and find what resonates with your target audience.

Harnessing the Power of the Multiple Link Feature with Mike Raybone and AIM Internet

While the multiple link feature is a powerful tool, it’s just one piece of the Instagram marketing puzzle. To maximise your results, consider partnering with a digital marketing expert like Mike Raybone and his company, AIM Internet.

Mike and his team at AIM Internet are experts in crafting winning social media strategies that leverage the latest features and trends.

They can help you:

    • Develop a compelling Instagram bio that utilises the Multiple Link Feature effectively.
    • Create high-quality content that captures attention and drives traffic to your links.
    • Track your results and optimise your strategy for maximum impact.

Don’t let your Instagram bio be a dead end for your audience. Embrace the power of the Multiple Link Feature and watch your engagement soar!

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