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This is curated content from the best of the best blogs around IMHO, indisposed with a few of my own. Somebody once told me, most of the best ideas have been borrowed from smarter people.

Brand Strategy Masterclass: Learn the Secrets of Iconic Brands

Ready to transform your brand from forgettable to unforgettable? Discover the secrets to building a powerful brand that resonates with your audience, fosters loyalty, and drives growth. Learn essential strategies and real-world examples to elevate your business in the digital age. Partner with experts to create a brand that captures attention, inspires trust, and stands the test of time.

Wordplay Wizards: The Secret Formula for Crafting Advertising Slogans That Enchant

Nike’s “Just Do It” is more than a slogan – it’s a motivational mantra. Simple, powerful verbs like “Just Do It” capture the essence of Nike’s brand identity: push boundaries, achieve greatness. When crafting your own slogan, consider what action you want to inspire in your audience. Do you want them to “Explore More” like a fearless adventurer? “Create Fearlessly” like a groundbreaking artist? Or perhaps “Dream Bigger” like a visionary entrepreneur? Find that verb that ignites action and aligns seamlessly with your brand’s unique identity. Let your slogan be the battle cry that rallies your customers behind your brand’s mission.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Who Has the Most Authentic Brand Story of All?

Imagine your brand on a first date. Without an authentic story, it’s just a dazzling shell. Neuroscience shows that stories spark neural coupling, creating a shared experience that builds trust. Crafting an authentic brand story involves infusing personality, embracing simplicity, defining your purpose, fostering connection, and creating ownership for customers. By sharing your unique narrative, you can forge genuine connections and build lasting loyalty.