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How to Stay Up to Date on TikTok Trends

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Summary. What’s trending on TikTok? Knowing the answer to this question will keep you in the loop when looking to increase brand awareness. Take a look at this article from to find out how to stay up to date with the latest trends.

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Knowing how to stay up to date with TikTok trends has helped me tremendously as a business coach, and I recommend this to all female coaches.

By now, you will agree that TikTok is one of the best and most profitable social media platforms for digital marketing, and staying updated on trends is a great way to reach your desired audience.

Additionally, Tiktok is a world of trends; there is always some new sound, filters, and fun features that create the craze and make the app fun. Naturally, this draws in the traffic and creates several viral moments for many course creators like you.

However, it can be overwhelming knowing all these trends simultaneously when looking for ways to build your brand. But if you want to keep your audiences faithful to your brand, then obsolete is one word that must never define anything in your arsenal.

Since the TikTok audience feeds on trends, how can you stay up to date on Tiktok trends so that you do not miss out on any opportunity?

Here are 6 Ways to keep up with TikTok trends:

  • 1. Use the Discover page.

Maybe it is called the “discover page” because new filters, sounds, challenges, etc., begin their viral journey there. So, look out for the latest videos; they lurk around there; then, click the rotating circle on the top of the screen to discover helpful analytics. For some users, the ‘discover’ button at the bottom of the page has been replaced by the ‘friends’ button, so be on the lookout for that.

You will see the engagement garnered from the number of views on those videos and determine how new the trend is. You will also be shown how to film your video according to the trend.

  • 2. Be a hashtag “watchdog.”

The term “watchdog” is popular among journalists and security agencies, but any female content creator or coach can become one. Yes, keeping a keen watch for the latest trending hashtag is golden.

This is because hashtags set the trends on TikTok and help push the viral wave all over the platform. Just like the #BlackTikTok ESSENCE Festival of culture 2022 emerged earlier this month. So, let’s say you left Tiktok for some days and are looking to get a boom relaunch; search for the trending hashtag. When you have it, make a post or video that relates to the trend and see what happens.

  • 3. What are influencers saying?

Find influencers in your niche and follow them. Influencers know a lot about specific niches on TikTok; they have a large following and even set the trends too. So, a brilliant step in staying up to date on Tiktok trends is following them and keeping a keen watch on their pages. That way, no trend will escape your sight, and you can be early in showcasing your brand with the latest trend. This is a great way to attract more followers and grow your brand successfully.

  • 4. The search bar is a handy help; use it.

The search bar is the wonder giver of search machines, websites, apps, and other digital platforms. Similarly, feel free to use the search bar on TikTok when looking for the newest trending sounds or videos.

If you missed it earlier, the search bar would highlight all the trends; type “Trending sounds on TikTok right now,” and the information will appear.

  • 4. Check out other social media platforms.

Undoubtedly, these social platforms operate independently, but when it comes to trends, they share a lot in common as users often repurpose content across apps. So, the chances of catching up with the trends on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook are high if you spend time on them. When surfing these platforms, look out for viral content and search for them on the TikTok search bar or the discover pages. When you confirm that it is a new trend, leverage it.

  • 5. Stay abreast of the challenges.

Tiktok is known for creating challenges, and users always look for the latest fun challenge to hop on. So, an excellent step for staying on trend is keeping a keen eye for challenges and exploring ways to utilize them in your brand’s favor. Although I love trends and make a video of every trend as they come on the Tiktok space, I also try to create a brand-related message around each trend.

Finally, filter your searches on the search bar by how popular a video is and the volume of engagement they have garnered. If you are not sure about the trend, TikTok has the option of filtering searches. Use it and stay on top of each trend like I try to for my business. Once you know how to spot and utilize trends, you’re one step closer to gaining a larger audience, and increasing your revenue.

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