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X Marks the Spot: Finding Buried Treasure (and New Followers!) on the Elon-ified Social Platform

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Mike Raybone, a digital marketing consultant, excels in identifying key X trends across various sectors, enhancing brand engagement and conversions. Moreover, through his expertise, businesses leverage X trends in wellbeing, creator culture, and technology, positioning themselves as leaders and maximising audience connection. Raybone guides brands in tapping into these evolving X trends, crafting strategies to drive loyalty and sales.

Hey you! Just like everyone else you mourn the name “Twitter” and scorn the name “X”. Regardless of  your disdain for the new name it is SO important to understand the power X holds in the modern world and how its trends could literally be the SECRET to quadrupling your leads. Read on and you will not be disappointed…


X – Rated Secrets, X – Rated Trends, Xtra Conversions….

The social media landscape is undergoing a significant transformation with the recent acquisition of the formerly known as Twitter by Elon Musk. Additionally, this platform, now poised for potential changes, still offers businesses a unique opportunity to connect with their audience on a deeper level. By understanding and leveraging trending topics, brands can position themselves as thought leaders, increase engagement, and drive conversions. Let’s dive into some key areas where you can make the most of current X trends.

X Trends

Wellbeing: Prioritise Empathy and Connection

Conversations around mental health, self-care, and overall wellbeing are on the rise, with a 30% growth in conversion around mental health alone. Subsequently, this presents a vital chance for brands to showcase empathy and offer support. For example, a fitness company could share workout routines designed for stress relief, a skincare brand could promote relaxing self-care rituals, or a mental health organisation could offer resources and helplines. Therefore, X trends in wellbeing give your brand the platform to connect with audiences on a personal level.

How does your brand address mental health and wellbeing? 

Creator Culture: Celebrate Individuality and Collaboration

The rise of the creator economy is undeniable, with conversations around becoming a professional creator increasing by a staggering 32%. In addition, businesses can tap into this growing X trend by partnering with relevant creators. Imagine a sustainable fashion brand collaborating with a DIY fashion influencer or a tech company sponsoring a maker who creates unique tech products. Moreover, these collaborations can expand your reach and tap into niche audiences.

Consider your industry – are there up-and-coming creators or influencers that align with your brand’s values?

Everyday Wonder: Inspire Curiosity and Exploration

X users are fascinated by spirituality, escapism, and the mysteries of the universe. This trend, reflected by a 43% increase in conversations around spirituality, offers a chance for businesses to connect with their audience’s sense of wonder. Also, a travel company could share breath taking images from lesser-known destinations, a science brand could post fun facts and experiments, or an entertainment company could share behind-the-scenes peeks at creative processes.

What unique insights can your brand offer?

One Planet: Champion Sustainability and Responsibility

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment and expect businesses to do their part, with a 51% growth in conversations around plant-based food and packaging. Moreover, brands can demonstrate their commitment to the planet by highlighting sustainable practices, partnering with eco-focused organisations, or launching green initiatives. Patagonia, for example, could amplify their environmental message, or a food company could share delicious plant-based recipes.

How can you showcase your sustainability efforts and join the conversation?

Tech Life: Navigate the Digital Landscape Thoughtfully

Interestingly, discussions around technology’s ever-increasing role are constantly buzzing on X, showing a 173% increase in conversation around online shopping. Importantly, businesses need to understand how it affects consumer behaviour and ethics. A tech company could discuss how their product improves lives, a healthcare provider could explore telemedicine benefits, or any company could voice its stance on data privacy. Stay on top of X trends around technology to ensure your strategies remain relevant.

How do you use technology in an inclusive and ethical way? 

My Identity: Embrace Inclusivity and Shared Values

People are increasingly forming communities based on identity, advocacy, and shared passions on X. Embrace discussions around equality, inclusivity, and social justice to build a loyal following, reflected by the 273% increase in conversation around Black Rights. For example, a makeup brand could promote diverse beauty, or a non-profit could highlight their fight against social injustice.

What are your core values, and how do you promote them? 

X trends reveal the heart of what people care about. Align your brand with these conversations in a meaningful and authentic way. Therefore, you can grow your audience, strengthen brand loyalty, and ultimately drive more leads and sales.

If you’re looking to get ahead of the curve on the evolving platform, a digital marketing expert like Mike Raybone can be a valuable resource. Moreover, he can help you identify the right X trends for your brand, create engaging content, develop a social media strategy, and track your results.

Take a dive with and explore you can harness X today.